What Is Your Origin Story?

We always love hearing origin stories for entrepreneurs who are in the business of changing lives!

Typically, it all began with a challenging upbringing for yourself or someone you care about deeply.

You (or someone you cared about) suffered with their health, wealth, spirituality, etc. and as a consequence lived a compromised life.

Finding the silver lining in a situation like this and then making it your life purpose is extremely inspiring and a noble act.

You became a Changemaker because of your desire to change and save lives.

We are sure there is more to this story, but if we were to boil it down, there is nothing you enjoy more than sitting down with a patient, client, and/or customer and getting them on the right track and watching their transformation manifest before your very eyes.


As a business owner, you have WAY more “to-do’s” then just serving your patients.

You also need to MARKET your business!

What we know to be true is that you did NOT make a career decision due to your burning desire to create a monthly newsletter, design a powerpoint presentations, setup a leadpage, develop social media content, etc.

Remember, you became a Changemaker Entrepreneur because of your desire to change and save lives.

This Is Why You Need A Virtual Marketing Department!

Every business (regardless of their size) NEEDS a marketing department who is committed to their mission. They need a group of people who understand marketing, their industry, strategy creative, copywriting, graphic design, and planning. The only problem is that hiring a team like this will cost you $10,000+/month and many hours of management responsibility.

What you really need is a VIRTUAL MARKETING DEPARTMENT that is specifically focused on YOUR INDUSTRY!

SYNDUIT combines the world of creative with software to offer you the most affordable, professional, creative, and comprehensive marketing solution for your business.

We have worked with leaders in various industries, along with thousands of small business owners who are in the trenches to create EXACTLY what you need in your business for education and relationship based marketing.

Everything from live events to webinars, email series, newsletters, social media blitzes, powerpoint presentations with scripts, flyers, banners, leadpages, and so much more all of which is designed by professionals, written by professionals, and ready for you to use in seconds.

And guess what, I have the absolute privilege of interviewing the Founder of SYNDUIT, Jared Yellin, on Tuesday, February 27th at 2:00 pm CST and I highly RECOMMEND showing up LIVE for this important webinar!

Hosted by:

Scott Schilling

This Webinar Needs To Make It In Your Calendar

Whenever SYNDUIT enters a new industry, there are a few pieces of criteria that must be met…

1 - Do we believe in the industry? 
2 - Are the leaders of the industry noble characters?
3 - Is the industry changing the world?

This is a mission-driven company that is focused on disrupting the time-draining and frustrating software industry with a simple system that also provides you with proven content that will save you time, create a new level of professionalism, and make your business fun again.

Plus, you will have the chance to hear first-hand from ME, someone who has become EXTREMELY passionate about SYNDUIT and how it will support your business.

Host: Scott Schilling

Scott Schilling is The Significance Expert committed to providing Inspired Answers to Today's Challenges through his TV Show, Podcasts, speaking, training, consulting and coaching. Scott helps individuals and organizations systematically grow personally, professionally, financially and spiritually.  

Special Guest: Jared Yellin, Founder of SYNDUIT

Jared Yellin is a serial entrepreneur that has consistently started companies to support small business owners and fellow entrepreneurs. His mission is to unite 1 million changemaker entrepreneurs so that, together, we can help create FREEDOM for 1 billion people from around the world. Outside of his role as the Founder of SYNDUIT, he prides himself on his number one value which consists of his beautiful wife, Lindsay, and their precious daughter, Taylee.

During this webinar, you will have an inside look at what it means to hire a Virtual Marketing Department that has a specific focus on helping Changemaker Entrepreneurs.

Your mind is about to be blown and millions of lives are about to be saved! 

We Will See You On Tuesday, February 27th At 2:00 pm CST!