Business Mentorship Opportunity

Business Mentorship Opportunity

I am expanding my team and I am looking for a dozen people who are serious about creating time and financial freedom in their own lives.

It is extremely important that you are willing to commit time and energy to work with my team because I am going to provide you with mentorship in order to help you build momentum.

On our team we have people working corporate jobs that are creating a retirement plan, others who are in college and leveraging their discretionary time, stay­-at­-home parents who are looking to create income, and Health Professionals who recognize that their business revenue is shrinking and establishing ancillary income streams are important for their viability.

We are a diverse team, which is what makes us so successful because everyone brings a unique perspective to the table, but we are all driven by the exact same motivation ­ CREATE FREEDOM FOR ALL INVOLVED!

Do You Have What It Takes?

Although I believe that everyone should consider getting involved with a home-based business for the purpose of creating additional income and the tax benefits associated with this decision, our team is not for everyone.

We truly look for committed individuals who join our team and will not stop until they are creating significant income and helping others do the same.

I am not trying to scare you away, but I do believe that expectation management is important so here is what we look for in members who will join our team and receive mentorship from me…

Teachable - From the moment you get started on our team we plan on teaching you valuable skills that will contribute to your success. It is important that you come with an open mind and the burning desire to learn. This is an ongoing process and I always encourage people to leave their ego at the door and be willing to expose yourself to a new way of thinking.

Action-taker - If you want time and financial freedom badly enough, you must be willing to take massive action. One of the core philosophies we share with every member of the team is that success loves speed and it really loves people who are willing to take action starting on day one!

Willingness to Work - This is hard work. There is no way to achieve success in anything without committing yourself and dedicating at least a few hours each week. We are a very close team and everyone will support you, but no one can make you successful but yourself. This will take time and commitment and we will work together to better understand your schedule once you get started.

Passionate - We absolutely love passionate people since your chances for success are greatly heightened when you have positive energy. Additionally, passion allows you to endure the challenging days, weeks and months which are often inevitable on your journey to time and financial freedom.

Determined - This is really important to me because there is nothing that drives me crazier than people who quit one step before success. You must be determined because like I mentioned above, this is NOT easy, but it is MORE than worth it!

Personal Responsibility - If it’s meant to be, it's up to me. This must become your mantra. We are all here to support, train, and guide you, but your success is in your hands and if you take the responsibility to own your life the outcome will be absolutely extraordinary.

Invest in Yourself - This is not a requirement, but it is an added benefit because we have consistently seen that the most successful people running a home-based business are investing in themselves. Whether you are reading specific books, listening to audios, or attending seminars, you will gain a competitive advantage by investing in YOU.

Hosted by:

Scott Schilling

Are You Still With Me?

If you are still reading the information I shared then there is a chance that you are the right person for our team.

We are looking to expand our reach by bringing on at least a dozen new people and the first step is to join us for an exclusive live event on Thursday, February 3rd at 5:00 pm CST at SSM, Inc..

During this experience, you will learn more about this opportunity, meet members of our team, and then we will determine together whether or not you have what it takes.

We take expansion very seriously and for the RIGHT person, this is the absolute perfect opportunity.

Thank you for your interest and make sure to sign up if you are committed to achieving both time and financial freedom.

When And Where
From February 3, 2022 - 05:00 PM To 6:00 PM CST
4020 N. MacArthur Boulevard Suite 122-183 Irving 75038 United States