Discover Your WHY

Discover Your WHY

Your WHY is the heart of your company, what you stand for, and ultimately, what determines your success.

The important art of discovering your WHY is finding the meaning in what you do by defining why you do what you do. It is the fundamental belief that inspires visions and drives actions!

When you work from your WHY, you are coming from a place bigger than the products you sell, the services you provide, and profit you reap. Simply, you are driven by a purpose that gives meaning and value to your business.

Identifying your WHY starts with a simple question: “What matters to me most?”

Once you identify your WHY, you can start making wiser, purposeful decisions and goals that cultivate teamwork and give you a clear idea of where your company is headed. It is also helpful in aligning everything under one purpose which allows you to work with a singular mission and concentrated focus.

Meet, Sean and Scott - “We will help you find your WHY!”

Sean G. Murphy is a professional trainer, awakener, inspirational speaker and Co-Founder of You Plus 1 who has 30+ years’ experience in the mastery of sales training. This farm boy from Ohio, helped companies reach $100,000,000 in annual sales, expand into over 30+ countries and territories all with a simple understanding, when you truly care about people, growth happens as new members enroll, and existing customers stay. He is an expert of motivation, inspiration and accountability with his teachings being translated into 30 languages. He has spoken from stage to audiences in over 32 countries.

Scott Schilling is an International Speaker, Trainer, Author, Business Coach and Co-Founder of You Plus 1 is committed to providing Inspired Answers to Today's Challenges. Known as the “Master of More”, Scott helps people achieve more systematically growing personally, professionally, financially, and spiritually. Through his TV Show, podcasts, speaking, training, consulting, and coaching, Scott helps individuals and organizations No matter where you are in your path from Survival to Success to Significance, Scott gives the guidance, direction and actions steps necessary to get from where you are to where you want to be!

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Sean & Scott

Creating Your WHY

Creating a clear, simple, actionable statement that encapsulates your purpose and your mission in one brief, all-inclusive sentence is the basis for your internal and external communications, your marketing campaign, community efforts, and your decision making. (It is often also the make-it or break-it moment for a potential like-minded client or customer!)

Many businesses market based on promoting what their brands, products, or services do, as well as how they created them. However, marketing from your WHY informs your customer about why you have created your vision. It is with the WHY that you tell a unique story, and that is what sets your brand apart.

Do not leave your WHY open to interpretation. Just as your customer should be informed as well as every member of your team (from executive level to entry-level) should be able to clearly and comfortably talk about your company’s purpose and mission. (Bonus points if your WHY is able to be memorized and proudly recited by all of your team members!)

This means staying engaged in the daily performance of your company and staying close to the people who make your vision possible. Get inspired by being inspiring!

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